Bedroom Ranges

At Fleetwood Kitchens we believe that the bedroom is somewhere to escape from the day-to-day stresses and strains of work, the kids and everything else, a place to simply hide away when things are getting too hectic, or maybe a room where you can forget all your troubles and just relax.

menu 1 Beaumanor Suede Mussel

Beaumanor Suede Mussel

menu 2 Woodhouse Cream White Avola

Woodhouse Avola

menu 3 Woodhouse Dark Pacific

Woodhouse Dark Pacific

menu 4 Woodhouse Light Pacific

Woodhouse Light Pacific

menu 5 Woodhouse Red Brown Santana

Woodhouse Red Brown

menu 6 Brisbane Medium Walnut

Brisbane Medium Walnut

menu 7 Cologne Beech

Cologne Beach

menu 8 Cologne Hornchurch Ivory

Cologne Hornchurch Ivory

menu 9 Duleek High Gloss Cream

Duleek High Gloss Cream

menu 10 Duleek High Gloss Tiepolo & High Gloss Cream

Duleek Gloss Tiepolo

menu 11 Duleek Odessa Oak

Duleek Odessa Oak

menu 12 Glebe Grey Brown Avola & Hornchurch Ivory

Glebe Grey Brown Avola

menu 13 Cashmere Stone Grey & Driftwood

Cashmere Stone Grey & Driftwood

menu 14 Grey Bardolino Oak & Classic Brown

Grey Bardolino Oak

menu 15 Hacienda Black & Blue Metal

Hacienda Black & Blue Metal

menu 16 Mali Wenge & Stone Grey

Mali Wenge & Stone Grey

menu 17 Pure White

Pure White

menu 18 Light Lakeland & Acacia Pearl White

Light Lakeland Acacia Pear

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